Your Data: Why we have it.

Data about people is the lifeblood of an Executive Search firm and it is essential to every project we undertake. Information on an individual informs a decision as to whether they could be a candidate for a client’s vacancy.  In order to be able to contact you in your capacity of a potential candidate regarding relevant career opportunities, we collect personal data both from internal networks and searches at third party sources. Such personal data will be processed in our candidate system. The processing of the personal data is based on our legitimate interest of finding you as a potential candidate and presenting, from our point of view, relevant recruitment and/or consulting advice as well as being able to contact and present you with future career opportunities. We also use data to do targeted marketing to promote our firm and its services to prospective clients.

Your Data: How we got it.

We undertake detailed research to identify potential candidates for our clients’ vacancies.
In many cases we gather and retain data on an individual which was already public, ie published in a journal, newspaper, online or elsewhere. In some cases the personal data we hold was freely available on the subject’s employer’s public website. We also receive recommendations and referrals from one person to another which may include some personal data. Increasingly, a curriculum vitae is a public document that has been uploaded to public internet databases by the subject. In most cases the personal data we hold was given to us by the subject themselves.

Your Data: What we do with it.

We review the data we hold to determine if there is a likely match of a potential candidate with a client’s recruitment requirement. We may use contact details (usually email addresses and telephone numbers) to approach potential candidates to discuss a vacancy. Sometimes we use contact details to approach people as prospective clients. Once a dialogue has been established, we will retain notes taken during conversations meetings and other interactions. We will share data with our clients regarding the candidates we identify for their vacancies. Information generated by us (not by the subject) during our processes, such as reports and profiles, will be shared with our clients too.
Personal data will only be retained once explicit consent has been given by a candidate.
Candidates will be invited to renew their consent at reasonable and regular intervals.
If explicit consent is not forthcoming the personal data will be deleted.

Your Data: Your rights.

You can have access to your personal data as held by us.
You can have errors in your personal data corrected.
You can request the deletion of your personal data.
You can object to us processing your personal data.
[ GDPR makes some exceptions to these, but it is our aim and desire to be open and transparent. ]

The legal basis for the processing of your data under GDPR is as follows:

Potential Candidate data: The legal basis for the processing of potential candidate data is our legitimate interest to provide our ‎‎services.‎

Candidate data: The legal basis for our processing of candidate data is your consent ‎and – as far as only your ‎business card details or data collected from publicly available ‎sources are processed – for our ‎legitimate interest to provide such services.‎

Data regarding references of Candidates: The legal basis for processing data regarding references of candidates is legitimate interest of the ‎candidate to name a reference ‎and legitimate interest of us to evaluate the ‎candidate.‎

Data regarding Business Contacts and Communication Partners — ‎The legal basis for processing data from actual and prospective business contacts and ‎‎communication partners is legitimate interest, specifically ‎communication with prospective ‎business contacts and communication partners.‎



If you have any questions or requests regarding your data then please contact us by completing the contact form or email to: